Two Websites Two Avoid Because They Scam Rewardingways & ClickOrSignUp

Well there's two GPT websites that are scams an one is called Rewardingways an the other is ClickOrSignUp. Why are rewardingways and ClickOrSignUp Scams? Well that's easy, they simply will not pay you! They say you can get paid to do surveys, offers, an even advertise on there websites. Don't, you wont make any money from the surveys or offers an I would not even think about advertising on there websites because you'll just lose the cash you spent and they will mark you as a cheater. How did I cheat if I don't do any offers? That crap doesn't make any sense just avoid those two GPT sites and you'll be fine. Even if you they did pay you for the surveys, paid to sign up offers, etc. It be crap compared to other GPT sites on the internet! The offers suck, they pay way to low, and take way to long to give you credit. The money that they would pay you to get referrals for there websites is very low an not even worth making a website or putting any effort in to getting referrals. Shoot, just plain and simple an will probably shut down because the people that own the website dont know how to run a website so the money you do earn if they dont mark you as a cheater first you wont get. I've been doing the GPT website thing for years an made thousands of dollars on good legit GPT websites that will be around a long time, and have never seen crap like Clcikorsignup or rewardingways. you dont have to take my word for it but if you do choose to sign up or if your already a member just be careful. If you want a real website that wont give you the run around, join or any other GPT on my GPT sites list, these website have proved they pay and will stick around longer than just 2013. Points2shop an the others have good paying paid to sign up offers, surveys to make money, and Points2shop and Squishycash have probably the best referral programs for any GPT site on the internet. Here's money that Points2shop paid me to my PayPal in January. and the one below that shows how long I've been there and huch I've actually made all time with there great website. GPT Site - Points2shop Payment Proofs, This is a little bit of the PayPal money Points2shop put in my PayPal account. If you want to earn money on a GPT site then Points2shop is where you want to go. This is just to show payment proof so people on the internet know pays My All Time Cash Earned On Points2shop, Here is my all time money earned on Points2shop. Its over $8000 cash, and this doesn't even show the gift cards I've gotten from Rewardingways Rewardingways Clickorsignup Clickorsignup

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