GPT Offer Guide

The Number one rule when completing offers for GPT Sites is using real information, people that already use GPT sites probably know this already. This is just to help out people that are new to the GPT scene, because you don't want to log in to your account and have a negative cash balance.

Now when you do offers on most sites they'll have simple instructions telling you want to do on the offer. Before you click it, it'll usually say something like email submit, complete the path, first page submit, etc. That would be all you would need to get credit for completing the offer for cash.

You don't need to to click anything else other than what the offer says to do. Here's a quick example on how to complete a offer on GPT sites, if your doing a offer and its says complete the path, do just that! You don't need to click any of the advertising along the way just keep clicking next till it says finish, then claim the offer you did by hitting submit.

You should also clear cookies before even doing a offer, I don't know why but it seems to help a little bit with crediting. Making fresh emails will also help with this, I usually make a new email about every 5-7 offers.

Follow this GPT offer guide and you'll find it easy to make some money doing offers for cash or points whatever you like getting as a reward for doing them. Stay tuned for more, I'll be adding a few other tips/guides along the way, happy earnings!!!